About John McLenaghan

john mclenaghan orlando fl


I'm a lifelong artist and producer! Photography, video and sound...


As a member of some of the largest creative agencies in the world, I specialize in imaging, licensing content and publishing media.  BUT BEFORE ALL THAT...

I'm a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and stroke survivor.  I was 26 when I had a freaky accident. My greatest achievement in life is having to relearn things I took for granted before I got hurt...

Walking - Swallowing - Talking.

After the accident, daily rehab walks became my new normal.  To keep things interesting, and to have something to do, I started carrying a camera around.  This changed everything for me! Rehab walks became photo walks.  Photo walks later turned into a PHOTO LICENSING BUSINESS!

Now?  Continuing as a producer & working with people like you is more than just a business or hobby.  It is a crucial part of my post TBI rehab life.  I still take walks (but they're never boring). I still love to learn new things (and then share with others).

I can’t properly thank all the people that have helped me along the way. What I can do is pass on their insight and hope it helps you like it helped me...

Action, Vigor, Hustle, Fight

We will meet and work together soon!